Partner Programme

Shared Revenue

As part of the MiiCritic Partner Programme, by uploading your original video files to the MiiCritic website you may be able to receive revenue from the advertising MiiCritic acquires from your video.

Advertising revenues, net of distribution costs, from advertisements and sponsorships for your Content, for which MiiCritic has sold and received payment, shall be allocated between MiiCritic and you. Subject to the terms below, you will receive payment only after MiiCritic has received payment from the advertisers or sponsors.

Payment to you shall be made monthly in arrears provided that you have generated valid Traffic and that MiiCritic has received payment from each advertiser with whose the Publisher has earned remuneration.

Payment will only be made if one month prior to the payment date you are due an amount of at least US $50 and if MiiCritic has received full payment for these transactions. An amount due of less than US $50 will be accumulated to the next payment and will be included in the amount to be paid out at the next payment date, again provided that the minimum amount of at least US $50 is due one month prior to that payment date. All payments are calculated upon revenue received from the Traffic generated up to the end of one month prior to the month of payment. Accumulated amounts do not accrue any interest.

All payments are subject to withholding and deduction based on applicable taxes of any kind. You are responsible for the payment of all taxes payable on any payments made to you by MiiCritic.

You agree that payment will be made directly to your PayPal account unless otherwise specified by MiiCritic on the Registration Form or the Site. You agree to provide as part of your account setup accurate details regarding your PayPal account.